also there is Venus,the little reddish pinpoint you can see in the south with your very own naked eyes

all the inner planets rotate counter clockwise, save Venus. This world rotates clockwise (retrograde), contrary to the direction of its counter-clockwise (prograde) orbit. On Venus, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Some astronomers think Venus initially rotated in a counter-clockwise direction, until a big planet-like object smashed into Venus, turning this world “upside down.”

JFL is crazy and I’m almost done the “media assets” bullshit part

a) picked my walk-on song. literally the first 15 seconds of this.

b) picked a name i don’t hate

c) made an appt to get a new head shot. so, this was interesting.

found this great article with bob odenkirk talking about how all standup comic headshots are terrible and they’ll always be terrible and impossible for them not to be terrible and now im worried

because one doesn’t want:


you aren’t a legend yet:


female standups even worse off:


steve martin tho. 


If all you’ve got to do today is find peace of mind
Come round, you can take a piece of mine
And if all you’ve got to do today is hesitate,
Come here, you can leave it late with me.
If all you’ve got to prove today is your innocence,
Calm down, you’re as guilty as can be,
If all you’ve got to lose alludes to yesterday,
Yesterday’s through, now do anything you please.




Your brain is such a worthless slacker. I’ll prove it.

Relax and stare at this image for a while. After said while (thirty seconds…ish), the colours will begin to disappear (no it’s not a gif). You can even make them go away completely.

What’s happening is called Troxler’s Fading. After a while of receiving the same non-changing information, your brain gets bored and just discards the information because it’s too busy keeping an eye out for more pressing, changing information, like tiger attacks.

You know how when you wear a watch for a while you stop noticing it. Same thing. Your brain is an idiot.

It is pretty though.

the moment the picture disappeared from my sight was the moment my brain has disappointed me

This is awesome.

Your mind realized you already understand that image and that there’s no information in it and that you’re just staring at it for the sake of it and decided to move on to cooler things.

Imagine if something you experienced daily felt like a new experience all the time? That would suck. Getting used to an environment improves learning, or when something DOES change you notice.

You don’t have to absorb every piece of information thoroughly to get an understanding, and some information your brain says “I got that, it won’t bother me anymore unless I want it to specifically.”

This is fucking rad as fuck.

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so drake renamed toronto


lemme start a hashtag to get him running for mayor. because #drakethetypeofmayor you can call anytime, just to talk

The Fool, victorious over his enemies, is feeling arrogant, powerful, even vengeful. There are hot passions in him, ones he finds himself unable and unwilling to control. It is in this state that he comes across a maiden struggling with a lion. Running to help, he arrives in time to see her gently but firmly shut the lion’s mouth! In fact, the beast, which seemed so wild and fierce, is now completely at her command.

Amazed, the Fool asks her, “How did you do that?” One hand on the lion’s mane, she answers, “I asked the lion to do it, and it did it.”

"But-but-" the Fool stutters, confounded. "Why did it want to obey?" At that moment, the Maiden meets the Fool’s eyes; he sees in her warmth, gentleness, a heart so great that its generosity seems as infinite as its willingness to understand. And that is when the Fool understands exactly why the lion did her bidding.

It wanted to connect to that higher energy.

Yet there is still one thing that confuses the Fool. “But,” he says, much softer now, “Why would you, fair maiden, want to keep company with a beast?”

"Because he, too, is filled with a wonderful energy," the Maiden says. "It is wild and fierce, but it can be banked, like a fire in a hearth. I knew if he would take direction from me, we could both be warmed."

"So, too," she adds, "are our passions. Let them run wild and they will do damage. But we can, with gentle fortitude, check and direct those passions. In doing so, we can get so much more out of them. And yet, still sate them." 

-aesthetic tarot

so i read that shit poem i posted yesterday at a thing tonight for rob’s retirement and saw an old co-worker who had this pic of me circa 2011 when i started at techsoup and making a face that speaks to my soul right now
also i miss my halfhive sometimes

so i read that shit poem i posted yesterday at a thing tonight for rob’s retirement and saw an old co-worker who had this pic of me circa 2011 when i started at techsoup and making a face that speaks to my soul right now

also i miss my halfhive sometimes


Responding to some concerns/questions about this tactic:

First, yes the key will work. But this of course only applies to certain situations, like single-family or duplex dwellings. If you live in an apartment building, your water would not necessarily be shut off at the street. I don’t know all situations for all cities, of course. It’s worth investigating. (Update: Someone said Detroit is doing this for whole neighborhoods, which is pretty evil. I don’t know if this tactic would work on neighborhood-wide main valves.) 

Ms magazine’s No Comment section featured sexist ads sent in by readers. Artist Mitch O’Connell scanned a ton of them. Don’t miss the actual ads that ran in Ms. at the bottom.

“I taste the good and bad in you and want them both.”
— Anita Ofokansi, Literary Sexts (via ewok-gia)

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